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Our team of artists and illustrators, along with our qualified book designer can turn your words into a professional publication.
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At Green Door we are nothing if not networked. We are in touch with many artists and illustrators within the industry and throughout the world, so if you have a particular stylistic preference that you do not feel is obviously represented by our primary team of artists then please don’t hesitate to ask. We will in all likelihood be able to find someone who can fulfil your artistic or graphic requirements.

Please note that the work schedule of each artist is different, and that turnaround times and fees will vary depending on the nature of the commission and the artist’s other commitments. These details will be agreed and finalised before the contract is drawn up.

Please note that there is a professional difference between an ‘artist’ and a ‘designer.’ At Green Door, we work alongside the artists and illustrators conceptually to produce the right image for your book, but the final design of the cover is produced by us not the artist.

For more information on the relationship between, client, designer and artist, please refer to our Terms & Conditions and FAQs.


Illustrators & Artists


Kristina Gehrmann

Kristina is an illustrator & digital artist based in Germany. Her work has been published in Advanced Photoshop, ImagineFX & The Artist’s Magazine


Ella Goodwin

Ella is a freelance Illustrator based in the UK. Her work is highly detailed, using traditional & digital media. She also works in graphic design & animation


Carles Marsal

Carles is a graphic designer & visual artist from Barcelona. His work has appeared in Adobe Photoshop Magazine, Belio Magazine, Kuvva & Abduzeedo


Eugen Slavik

Eugen is an illustrator, comic artist & animator. In 2011 he won the ‘Golden Pen of Belgrade’ prize at The International Biennial of Illustration in Belgrade

‘The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web’ ~ Pablo Picasso


Emma Graham

Emma is a versatile illustrator & graphic artist based in the UK. She works in a variety of styles & media, from vibrant inks to soft colour pencil


Kirk Quilaquil

Kirk is an artist & illustrator based in London. He is a concept artist for Microsoft, & his work has appeared in ImagineFX, Substrata, & Game Informer


Gabrielle Ragusi

Gabrielle is a freelance artist based in Milan, working in traditional & digital media. Her work is inspired by music, & rain is a common leitmotif in her art


Kinga Britschgi

Kinga Britschgi is a Hungarian artist based in the US. Kinga’s works are regularly published in magazines such as Advanced Photoshop and Photoshop Creative