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Do you want your book to be word perfect and professional? We offer general editing, copyediting, proofreading and more at very competitive prices.
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Editorial Prices

Word Count






1-9,999 £99
10,000-19,999 £149
20,000-49,999 £249 from £159 from £199 from £75 from £105
50,000-79,999 £299 from £399 from £499 from £185 from £260
80,000-99,999 £449 from £640 from £720 from £298 from £418
100,000-149,999 £599 from £699 from £899 from £369 from £447
150,000-199,000 £749 from £1049 from £1349 quote available quote available
200,000+ quote available quote available quote available quote available quote available


Word Count

£129 Up to 10,000 per session


What to Expect


You will receive a detailed and tailored critique of your work from our Developmental Editor and resident ‘Book Surgeon,’ commenting on structure, commercial viability, publication options, routes of progression, and offering targeted creative writing instruction depending upon your individual requirements. Reports vary in length according to manuscript size, but are usually between 3000 and 8000 words.

Proofreading is the final stage of typographic editing before a manuscript goes to print. Our Proofreader will use ‘Track Changes’ in your document to indicate formatting, typographical and grammatical errors.

Copy-editing combines proofreading with general editing. Our Copy-editor will use ‘Track Changes’ to proof your document and suggest minor syntactical and semantic amendments, while also checking factual accuracy and adding comments on style and structure.

You work one on one with our Senior Editor to develop your style as a writer, usually working around a specific project, sharing documents by email with some telephone contact.

Our Academic Editor will check and standardise the referencing in your book according to the preferred system of your publisher, for example the ‘Oxford’ system and its variants (foot/endnotes and bibliography), or ‘Harvard’ systems (parenthetical in-text citation).

Working off final publisher’s proofs, our Indexer will read your book thoroughly, filtering information and identifying central concepts and subjects in order to create a cross-referenced and paginated index. You can provide us with keywords in advance if you wish, but this is not essential.


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