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Green Door is a family business specialising in design for publishing at all levels inc. cover design, book-blocking, e-book conversion & editorial services.
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About the Artist


Kinga Britschgi is a Hungarian artist who has been living in the United States since August 1995 with her American husband and son. Apart from her wonderful family she has two big passions in life: art and linguistics (and teaches both). Although she does have a degree in fine art too, Kinga started her career as a language teacher (so much so that she got her Master’s in Bilingual Education). Nowadays she tends to navigate more and more towards art. She got involved with digital art a long time ago and has been working with Photoshop and other Adobe products more seriously since 2002. Because her art degree is in graphic design Kinga creates lots of commercial graphics (brochures, posters, flyers, rack-cards, invitations, cd- and book-covers, etc) for clients which she enjoys a lot.

Kinga’s works are regularly published in industry standard and other magazines (Advanced Photoshop, Photoshop Creative, Practical Photoshop, Digital Studio) and in 2013 Adobe chose one of my images as part of their official marketing campaign for their new Creative Cloud project. The image (Midsummer Night – Titania) was used on Adobe’s website, posters, magazine ads and so on. She also has works published in books on digital art.

As for her digital fine art pieces, she loves surrealism, magical realism and dark whimsy. She almost always creates “story-pictures”: mostly figurative pieces (pictures with seemingly realistic elements in them), which in the end often result in surrealistic, mysterious images with lots of layers of meanings to interpret them.



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