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Green Door is a family business specialising in design for publishing at all levels inc. cover design, book-blocking, e-book conversion & editorial services.
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About the Artist


Gabrielle Ragusi is a freelance artist born and based in Milan, working in traditional and digital media. She has a life-long passion for the arts, and is also a writer, musician and martial artist. Gabrielle’s academic background is the human sciences, but she returned to fine art in 2009 and began freelancing two years later. Gabrielle has produced artwork for several private and corporate clients – including authors and publishers – and has striven always to mediate and synergistically combine her client’s vision with her own sense of creative freedom, producing vibrant, stylish and highly original pieces. An important component of Gabrielle’s art is music, something that has always inspired her, and the most special element she uses in her paintings is rain.

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