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Henri Cartier-Bresson, 1908-2004 Paris Exhibition

Posted by Green Door in Review

Henri Cartier-Bresson and that infamous kiss of the sailor and girl! So iconic, much like the pearls of Chanel, and perhaps even the Eiffel Tower itself, even if it was taken in Times Square. The Parisian experience has really transformed since the mid-century. Although a…

Fifteen Tips On Close Reading

Posted by Green Door in Creative Writing

It’s one of life’s truisms that reading widely and critically is essential if you’re serious about writing. You don’t need a degree in literature to be a critical reader; a lot of it is good, old fashioned common sense, and you’ll have most likely been…

Prologues versus In Medias Res

Posted by Green Door in Creative Writing

Here’s something that comes up a lot when I’m discussing structure with early-career novelists… When starting a novel, you essentially have two structural choices. You can begin at the beginning, and move forward using a linear narrative, or you can begin in medias res – ‘in…

Ten Tips on Writing Historical Fiction

Posted by Green Door in Creative Writing

Historical fiction has an ancient pedigree; it is, quite literally, the stuff of legend. In English literature, Geoffrey of Monmouth’s ‘history’ of Arthur in his Historia Regum Britanniae (1135AD) is much more fiction than fact, while subsequent revisions by Wace, Layamon, Sir Thomas Malory, and…

In Quest of Beauty – Alphonse Mucha

Posted by Green Door in Review

Back in January, on my first day back at work after the Christmas break was a fabulous first day . I know not many can say that, and some think I’ve just not been here long enough thus I’m not jaded, but seriously, is there anything wrong…

Remembering Bowie

Posted by Green Door in General

Aside from my Facebook page I didn’t really join in that publicly with the collective global grief expressed yesterday at the news of Bowie’s passing. This was largely because I couldn’t think of any tribute that didn’t sound in some way trite. The man was…

A Ghost Story for Christmas

Posted by Green Door in Creative Writing

Midnight Movies © Stephen Carver, 2015 I first cultivated something like a friendship with Billy, the lonely old boy upstairs, because he reminded me of my dad. But the longer I lived in that little ground floor flat the more he reminded me of myself….