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Green Door is run by the designer Gracie Carver and the writer & academic Dr. Stephen Carver, specialists in book design, cover art and editorial support.
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About Green Door



Green Door Designs is a family business specialising in design for publishing at all levels. Our clients range from publishing houses to early-career and self-publishing authors, and we offer a variety of services that encompass all aspects of physical and editorial book design. The company was founded in 2011 by the graphic designer Gracie Carver (Norwich School of Art and Design and Unthank Books) and her husband Dr. Stephen Carver (University of East Anglia and The Literary Consultancy), the writer, editor and academic, bringing together over 25 years of industry experience. We are committed to innovative book design at a practical and reasonable price, and our mission statement is taken from aeronautical engineer R. J. Mitchell (who, like our co-founder and senior designer, hailed from Stoke-on-Trent): ‘It’s not good enough to follow conventional methods of design. It is essential to invent and evolve new methods and new ideas.’ Our aim is to take the pressure off authors by allowing them to simply write, while we attend to everything else, from cover design and book blocking to copy-editing, proofreading, and online promotion. We’re a small, friendly, and versatile team, and we work very closely with our clients, listening to their needs and ideas, and keeping them in the loop throughout the design and/or editorial process. We offer a variety of publication packages that combine different aspects of graphic and textual design, tailored to individual client requirements, and making your book perfect, professional, and visually striking costs less than you’d expect. We consider ourselves to be part of the digital publishing revolution, but we are not vanity publishers, we are not cashing in on a trend, and we do not contract out to inexperienced freelancers. We understand writers because we are writers, and we are and have always been passionate about good literature and original design.



Dr. Stephen Carver

Stephen is the Developmental Editor at Green Door. For sixteen years he taught literature and creative writing at the University of East Anglia, spending three years in Japan as an Associate-Professor of English at the University of Fukui. He holds Honours, Master’s and Doctoral degrees in English from UEA, and has been the recipient of several academic awards, most notably from the British Academy and the National Arts Learning Network. He left UEA to become Head of Online Courses at the Unthank School of Writing (a subsidiary of Unthank Books), also taking an editorial role at the prestigious Literary Consultancy (TLC) in London. Trading as the ‘Book Surgeon,’ Stephen was one of the early ‘book doctors,’ and has been knocking manuscripts into shape for over twenty years, while also acting as a formal reader for many well-known publishing houses. He has been writing fiction and non-fiction since the late-80s, and is probably best known as the biographer of the Victorian novelist W.H. Ainsworth. He runs the popular creative writing blog ‘Blot the Skrip and Jar It’ and an academic blog on Victorian literature and the Gothic.

Gracie Carver

Gracie is the Senior Designer at Green Door. She holds a first class degree in Design for Publishing (with a Principal’s Commendation) from the Norwich School of Art and Design, and began her career in the entertainment industry ten years ago, designing covers, menus and promotional material for DVDs and CDs before moving into book design, photography and illustration. In addition to her senior role at Green Door, Gracie is also the Chief Designer for the independent publishing house Unthank Books, responsible for the company website, the virtual learning environment, branding, book blocking and cover design. Gracie also works in textiles and paper-craft, and has a long professional association with Creative Crafting World Ltd as one of their leading product designers. Her work appears regularly on Create & Craft TV and is available in national home ware stores such as The Range. As a seamstress, Gracie trades under the name of Binky Roo Crafts, hand-making designer bags, art dolls, and adult and children’s clothes, the proceeds of which mostly go to charity. She is a prolific blogger, and a keen supporter of animal rights and primate conservation.