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Green Door can help you publish your own book. We offer expert services in cover design & book layout, copyediting, proofreading & manuscript assessment.
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It’s not good enough to follow conventional methods of design.

It is essential to invent & evolve new methods & new ideas.

Reginald Mitchell

Design Services

  • Book Cover Design – digital & print (budget covers available)
  • Page Layout & Typesetting – designing the graphic surface of the text
  • E-Book Conversion – converting manuscripts into a variety of e-book formats
  • Marketing & Promotional Material – digital & print
  • Author Website Development – easy to use professional web pages & blogs
  • Social Media – design or development packages to raise your online profile

Editorial Services

  • Constructive Critique – close reading, feedback and advice on your writing
  • Proofreading – correction of basic textual & formatting errors
  • Copy-editing – proofing, minor re-writing & advice on discordant passages
  • Coaching – personal tuition to enhance your skills as a writer
  • Referencing – formal academic citation within your required referencing
  • Indexing – layout & listing of keywords, names, subjects & the associated locators
Separate & combined packages are available to suit your needs & budget

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  • I really wanted Red Room: New Short Stories Inspired by the Brontës to be as engaging and intriguing on the outside as I hoped it was going to be on the inside. Their ideas for the cover included having a design that mimicked the way Victorians – and, therefore, the Brontës – used paper. As paper was a precious commodity at the time, people would work their way down the page, then turn the paper 90 degrees and continue writing – creating a beautiful quilted effect. It’s eye-catching and clever and I think it’s the perfect cover for the book. Not only does Green Door have great ideas, they are also very professional, efficient and lovely to deal with. I highly recommend them.

    – A. J. Ashworth, author & editor 

  • Steve’s assessments and critiques of my manuscripts are full of invaluable insights into both the strengths and weaknesses of my writing. He covers all the bases: plot, characterization, story, structure, style, pace, language, point of view, and copy-editing to boot. His reports are packed with relevant and constructive criticism; the kind that encourages me as an author to develop and maximise my writing potential. I unreservedly recommend him.

    – Mark McKay, novelist 

  • Green Door re-designed my cover. The font is more in keeping with the subject matter, the design is less busy and the whole thing is much better balanced. As an added bonus, I still feel that I have ownership in the cover, because they kept me ‘in the loop’ throughout the process. They also guided me as to the most suitable font for the inside text. They assisted with a poster for the book launch and gave me help and guidance on the marketing of the novel, including the setting up of a facebook page, and guiding me on the use facebook and twitter to publicise the book. In short, Green Door has provided me with invaluable assistance in the launching of my first novel. I thoroughly recommend them.

    – C.A. Shilton, novelist